When I decided Iwas going to keep Lucy I bought her a doll.  She loved that doll!  Every day when I came home she would meet me at the door carrying her doll. She carried it with her and watched over it carefully.  Over the years that doll stayed although perhaps she didn't play with it as much.  Still, there were times I would come home and there would be Lucy with her doll. She kept it on the end of her couch, maybe moving it once in a while but it always ended up in the same place.

I put that doll on the end of Lucy's couch simply not able to remove it.  Now Sam gets on that couch every day and puts his head on the doll.  Guarding it, I suppose, for Lucy's return.  I don't know how to explain to him that she's not coming back.

We both miss her so much!